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Meditation Formula


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Meditation Formula

Formula # 105

A rewarding and deeper meditation experience awaits you with this specially formulated tea made of East Asian herbs. Experience true clarity of the mind with the ability to maintain focus for longer periods of time. Benefit from deep relaxation as chi flows optimally throughout your body. The results are a true meditative experience that unifies the body, mind and spirit.

Key Ingredients:

Fructus Schisandrae – Calms the heart and soothes the mind.
Astragali – A cardio-tonic that lowers blood pressure and blood sugar.
Jujube – Nourishes the blood and calms the mind.

Ingredients: Herbal Extracts: (Angelica, Huang Qi, Red Ginseng, Chinese Foxglove Root, Szechwan Lovage Root, Magnolia Vine Fruit, Chinese Foxglove Root, Cinnamon, Fructus Lycii, Longan, Jujube, Ginger) Potassium Sorbate, Green Tea Extract (Camellia Sinensis), Canadian White Honey, Royal Jelly

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