How To Detox Your Body

How to Detox your Body

October 13, 2015

detox-your-bodyOutdoor fun is especially challenging for your natural detox systems. BBQs, great food and drinks, lots of time poolside or at the beach. All of the enjoyable activities that you love so much take a toll on your body, especially your skin. Chlorine and salt water strip skin of its natural oils. Overdoing exposure to sunlight leads to spots, uneven pigmentation, and even freckles. Heat incubates bacteria in pores and on skin surfaces.

It doesn’t mean that you have to fear the sun, restrict yourself to a vegan organic diet, drink only the purest glacial water imported from the Arctic, and stay out of the pool, lake, or ocean. Instead what it means is simply that it is high time for post-summer detoxing – internally and externally.

Taking the right steps for detoxing your body and your skin will surely do the trick for getting you back on track.

Top 5 Steps for Detoxing your Body

  1. The first and most important step for internal detoxing is simple: Eat more foods that are rich in detox properties. Start by having more dark-green leafy veggies in your diet. Spinach, kale, and beet or turnip greens should be at the top of the list. Even lighter green veggies such as cabbage, asparagus, and kelp (yes, seaweed!) provide powerful detoxing value.
  1. Give a tremendous boost to the power of detox foods with the liberal use of healthful herbs and spices. The top ones include garlic, turmeric, watercress, ginger, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, cardamom, parsley and cilantro.
  1. Detoxing herbal supplements are also important for supporting the cleansing process. The best such herbs add the bonus of boosting the immune system. Examples include Astragalus, Hawthorn, Rhubarb, and Cinnamon bark, among many others. Additional key herbal ingredients for internal detox formulas include dandelion root, burdock root, ginseng, and licorice.
  1. And always, always, always drink plenty of clean, fresh water. Hydration is crucial for internal cleansing.
  1. One more thing – your liver will do a much better job detoxing your body if you cut down on caffeinated beverages, sweets, alcohol, and overeating. All of these thwart your efforts to detoxify your body.

Best Strategy for Detoxing your Skin – A Detox Soak

Internal detoxing will, of course, help your skin, too.

Indeed, body detoxing goes hand in hand with the use of natural skin-care formulas specifically designed for detoxing and rejuvenating your skin by further cleansing from the inside out.

Soaking in a detox bath for 20 minutes harnesses the power of herbs to drive total body cleansing through the skin. Four of the most important herbs and what they do for a relaxing and rejuvenating detox soak are:

  1. Burdock Root, which is known to moisten the intestines and promote bowel movements, resolve toxicity, and have an antibiotic effect
  2. Ledebouriella (Saposhnikoviae Root), which harmonizes the intestines and alleviates bowel issues such as spasms, gas and bloating
  3. Cortex Moutan is known to increase circulation, have an anti-microbial effect, clear the liver and reduce swelling
  4. Mulberry is known to have a detoxifying effect, reduce edema, and help harmonize blood pressure

detox soak is the perfect complement to changes in your diet and lifestyle for total body cleansing.

Healthy Skin – More Than Skin Deep

Regardless of whatever challenges you imposed on your skin over the summer, reversing their effects takes a multi-pronged effort. Diet, hydration, detox supplements, and herbal skin care synergize with one another to cleanse your body and rejuvenate your skin.

Healthy, vibrant skin is your reward for a healthy, vibrant body.