Jade TCM

We are an app-based platform which allows people to become entrepreneurs in their communities. You can start your own company with little to no costs upfront. We are looking for individuals who have strong community ties, and would like to provide their local businesses and neighbors, top quality Traditional Chinese Medicine and complimentary products and services. By using our app, you can help your clients order our products and schedule services.

We know that your neighbors prefer to buy from locals.  For each order placed, you will earn a commission. Each order will be shipped directly to the location where the products will be used.  You may guide your client through the process of healing and self-empowerment wherever they are located.

We would like our local entrepreneurs to generate long-term relationships with their customers, so we are looking for individuals with deep roots and strong ties to their community.

The best thing about this business is that you can take it with you everywhere you go and you do not have to inventory any product.

Simply contact us to set up an Affiliate Account.

All we need is your Pay Pal email address.  As soon as a sale is made, you will receive you commission to your Pay Pal account.

Neighbors and local business, you can be sure that working with someone from your neighborhood will give you the best service possible.

If you are interested in becoming a local business owner in your community, please go to the contact page to get started.

Or simply call (808) 359 7051